District Annual General Meeting

Dear Presidents and Secretaries

Greetings from Singapore!


RE: Inner Wheel District 331, 8th Annual General Meeting on 20th & 21st March



As it is the tradition at the Fellowship Night, each Club usually presents a Performance to showcase the talents and teamwork of its members. Each Performance adds to the Fun and Merriment for the evening.


Therefore, we invite your Club to present at least one item at this coming Fellowship Night , along the following guidelines:

Please note the Stage is 16 feet x 12 feet


For further information, please contact our Fellowship Night Programme Manager, DE Janet Lim at her email address: lim.janet@gmail.com or mobile +65 91008219. Please let DE Janet know all the details of your Performance and the number of minutes.


We look forward to your active participation and to be entertained as well. Together we can make it a very enjoyable evening!!


Thank you.

Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship,


PP Roshan Mistri

Organising Chairman

Inner Wheel D331, 8th Annual General Meeting


Click on image below to download the brochure containing:
(1) programme
(2) registration form

(3) gala dinner and guests form


8th District 331 Annual General Meeting Flyer

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