Inner Wheel Club of Kinabalu Rafflesia BOOKS FOR KIDS Project


In its first year (2017/2018), this new Inner Wheel club made its main project to provide new, fun and interesting library books to rural Primary schools. These schools seldom have NEW library books. Why NEW books? At the start of their education children need to learn to read and also to enjoy it. To this end, IWCKR decided to supply BOOKS FOR KIDS every year. This year (2018/2019) 100 books have been donated to each of 5 rural Primary Schools in Kota Belud.


An IWCKR member Zyaliah @ Maya Binti Ramdan, who represents the Education District in Kota Belud, identified 5 Primary Schools: S.K. Suang Punggor, S.K. Tuguson,  S.K. Tamu Darat, S.K. Tambulian and S.K. Nanamun, all in need of books.


Thanks to Kota Belud Education Officer Mohd Fadzli bin Abdul Rozan for his support and to Popular Books, ITCC and everyone who donated books. The club’s visit to the 5 schools on Wednesday 17 April was very exciting with both teachers and students enjoying looking through the brand new books.To encourage more reading, schools such as these need consistent support.



Please support IWC Kinabalu Rafflesia’s BOOKS FOR KIDS!


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