Inner Wheel Club of Singapore West

General Meeting on 21.09.2019


This general meeting has 2 special elements:

1. We celebrated our club’s 44th birthday;

2. The District Chairman Shirin Rustom Ghadiali visited our club.


The District Chairman even took the effort to join us in the committee meeting that was held before the general meeting and shared some helpful pointers with us on conducting the meeting.


At the general meeting, DC Shirin gave a speech and what lingers in my mind are her below words that she urged us to remember in our respective journeys in The Inner Wheel Club…



Coming together is the BEGINNING,

Keeping together is a PROGRESS,

Working together is a SUCCESS.



We then had a pharmacist, Ms Lynette Lee, who have us a talk on “Seven ways to strengthen our immune system”, which is so relevant.


Of course, no gathering is complete without food. The many items brought by the members for this  potluck was more like a feast.


Click here to view the pictures which will probably say a lot more than my words.


Claudia Heck

Club Correspondent