Installation of Sita Verma
as The 74th President
of The Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

4 July 2020


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The Inner Wheel Club of Singapore’s 74th installation ceremony on 4th July was clear evidence that “Together we can”. A few months ago few had heard of “zoom” technology. Suddenly it was necessary to embrace the virtual way of meeting.


One hour before the actual installation event, members were logged on, catching up, chatting, and laughing as though it was the most normal way to meet. An exciting possibility was the ‘attendance’ of international guests. It was amazing to have IIW President Dr. Bina Vyas, the IIW IPP Phyllis Charter, IIW PP Carole Young and IIW PP Chris Kirby and our District 331 Chairman Dtn Gillian Lee who graciously accepted our invitation and to address all gathered. There were guests hailing from Malaysia, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Altogether we were 65 attending.


At 3.00pm, Mistress of Ceremonies PP Shahnaaz Hassanbhai welcomed everyone. In true IIW tradition a flickering candle ‘burned’ during the reading of the “Candle of friendship” by PP Wendy Louis and we raised our glasses for the three toasts to country, organization and guests.


In her outgoing speech, IPP Vijaya expressed her appreciation of members who managed to “do small projects with great love” and adapted well to the challenges of the COVID-19 situation. She praised members for learning new skills, like attending online meetings. IPP Vijaya enumerated the many creative projects completed by members which even included a distribution of 250 cupcakes to emergency staff at a local hospital on the last day of her presidency June 30th. The full year’s report was delivered in a moving and impressive video. It showcased the high-quality service projects and great fellowship enjoyed.


President Vijaya handed over her Presidential regalia to incoming President Sita using an ingenious idea of a video which was filmed earlier in a beautiful, lush greenery outdoor setting with lively music and the two ladies formally dressed in brilliant blue and purple saris.


Newly installed President Sita Verma addressed those present marveling that “we are not with each other yet together”. She hoped that we could continue to “serve the community amidst all the adversities”.  She listed her priorities as follows:

  1. To continue projects for migrant workers and the Good Shepherd home for children;
  2. To Serve Women, Children and elderly;
  3. To promote further the work of the club through social media;  To encourage members to take lead roles in projects and services and to increase membership and keep the club growing and vibrant;
  4. Last but not the least to have regular fellowship.


President Sita concluded saying,


“I believe …
lead the change…”


With these words, she introduced her Executive Committee in a light-hearted and effective manner using their photographs.


Once the actual installation ceremony was completed there was the induction of five new members. They were individually introduced with photos of them and their families. The District Chairman, Dtn Gillian Lee read out the Citation and welcomed the new members into the Club. She addressed the IWC Singapore club members and thanked them for being such a good example of the best values of Inner Wheel. For her term as DC, without the chance to visit the clubs she promised online training workshops on Inner Wheel matters which are still being developed.


IIW President Bina Vyas spoke of the goals to be achieved by all clubs worldwide. These goals have already been disseminated to all districts. IIW IPP Phyllis Charter spoke on the theme “Together we can” which has inspired so many of us, IIW PP Carole Young spoke on friendship and IIW PP Chris Kirby spoke on the Asia Pacific friendship gatherings.


The smooth and interesting programme was appreciated by members and guests. The afternoon ended with an online game of bingo with prizes.


The hard work put in to produce good quality videos and photos, as well as the rehearsals and coordination paid off in an event that went beyond our own expectations. The spirit of Inner Wheel was palpable and inspiring.