Towels & Biscuits For Migrant Workers

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

19 August 2020


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The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore, under the leadership of President Sita, continues to fulfil their promise to care for migrant workers.


A thousand care packs, consisting of toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a small towel, were provided a month ago.


Now, the rest of the package has been been donated, thanks to the generosity and hard work of our member PP Akila Iyengar.  PP Akila shipped more than a thousand Indian cotton lightweight towels and two thousand packets of biscuits from Chennai at the expense of her company Agrocorp.


The member of parliament for this constituency of Ulu Pandan, Christopher De Souza, made it a point to be present to receive the donation at the migrant’s dormitory which was formerly an International School called ‘nexus’ before it was converted to a dorm.


The migrants in this dormitory are deemed ‘essential’ workers and have been cleared of COVID-19. When their usual accommodation is cleared, they will return to it. For this reason, there is a good deal of movement of men in and out of the premises. We understood better the needs of those who are moving in after quarantine or hospital and also the difficulties faced by these workers who must be feeling insecure. We were very glad to be able to provide a taste of home in the form of the biscuits and the familiar towels which are highly absorbent while also being quick drying. Ideal when workers live in cramped conditions.


The IWCS is committed to continue supporting the migrants and as Mr De Souza said, to create a ‘nexus’ between the migrants and the community.


~ Wendy Louis, Vice-President