IWC Singapore West teams up to bake for River of Life shelters

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore West

26 August 2020



Introducing the IWC Singapore West Baking Team


A baking team was an insightful idea from President Nany.  It developed from two earlier cooking sessions she had with June, Sally and Juliana, and later, with Margaret and Joanna. They had baked cookies for senior citizens living in low cost housing. President Nany thought of continuing fellowship among members and cooking together will be awesome. It is also a beneficial way to provide muffins for our sponsored charities under Adalina and the River of Life.


On 26 Aug 2020, June, Janet, Claudia and I gathered at Joanna’s residence to bake muffins. Unfortunately, with COVID pandemic restrictions, we were restricted to 5 participants. Perhaps it will be a livelier affair if restrictions were eased in the near future.


Baking is full of fun and fellowship


It was slightly after ten that morning when I arrived at Joanna’s house. Nany and June had arrived earlier and were getting ready for the day’s work. Claudia and Janet joined in, shortly after.


It was probably a first time for most of us. June, with recipe in her i-pad, rattled out instructions and the required weight of ingredients while Nany whisked the batter. Bananas and blueberries were donated by Irene. Other ingredients were from our "COVID fund".


The mixer whirred repeatedly for 3 hours. Claudia, Janet and I scooped the batter into cups. Joanna manned the oven to ensure the muffins were well-risen.


We must thank Joanna for opening her house. Her lovely renovated kitchen with three ovens makes baking pleasant and enjoyable.  In addition, the laksa lunch prepared by her Myanmar helpers was a surprise treat.



Muffins baked and ready


More than 200 muffins were packed and delivered the same day. Some were also delivered to the residents at the River of Life. The guardian at this shelter was so thrilled:


“Thanks so much for the muffins. It came as a lovely surprise. I split them between two homes. The kids were so happy. They loved it. Had it for breakfast before school.”


Indeed, fellowship amongst members were fostered by working together to achieve the objective of serving the community, albeit within the confines of social distancing.


~ PDC Lucia Goh, Club Correspondent


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