1000 Cupcakes For Frontline Care Givers at National University Hospital

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

29 June, 7 August and 27 August 2020


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The Inner Wheel Club of Singapore has continued to be mindful of those who are working on the frontlines of our healthcare system during these challenging times.


Secretary Anjli Chopra, who is a passionate baker has kept her oven hot, baking a remarkable 1000 cupcakes from June to August and delivering them on three occasions to the National University Hospital staff of three different departments.


IPP Vijaya and Secretary Anjli delivered 250 cupcakes to the Emergency Department on 29th June,  425 cupcakes to Obstetrics and Gynaecology on 7th August and 350 cupcakes to staff of the Operating Theater and Pathology Departments on 27th August.


The staff were amazed and appreciative of the generous gesture and the words of gratitude packed with the cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves were delicious with vanilla or chocolate flavours.


~ Wendy Louis, Vice-President