Children's Day Gift Bags

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

8 October 2020


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Children’s day was celebrated on October 9th this year in Singapore. The Singapore Children’s Society “Children’s wishing well” centre children were treated to a gift bag each. The gifts were delivered on October 8th and will be distributed to the children on their arrival on the 9th. There are 116 children mostly from families who are less privileged or disadvantaged. The gift bags were put together by members of the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore consisting of colourful note books, colour pens, erasers, ruler and pretty paper clips. They came packed in a useful zipper bag and beautifully wrapped. The children are all back to school now after so many weeks of working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and they are delighted to receive such pretty and yet practical items.


President Sita and IPP Vijaya presented the gift bags.


~ Wendy Louis, Club Correspondent