Walkathon In Celebrating IWC Singapore Central's First Birthday

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore Central

11 October 2020


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The Club organised a Virtual Walkathon to celebrate its first birthday and in the process served three noble causes:

  1. Encouraged members of community to walk and created awareness on the health benefits of walking
  2. Raised funds for our identified charity
  3. Created awareness in the community at large about the activities of Inner Wheel


The members of the community were encouraged to register for the Walkathon with a registration fee of SGD 10, walk at their convenience between October 2nd until 11th and post their pictures and related anecdotes on the Facebook page of IWCSC.


The proceeds from the Walkathon will be donated to Star Shelter, a registered charity providing temporary refuge for women and their children, who are survivors of domestic violence.


Thanks to the Walkathon several non-members IWC visited the IWCSC facebook page and got acquainted with the activities of Inner Wheel.


It was a very fulfilling and satisfying first birthday celebration for IWCSC.


~ Natasha Siganporia