Protecting And Promoting -
Masks With IW Logo

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

19 October 2020


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Masks for protection and promotion. Making Inner Wheel better known during this global pandemic takes all kinds of ingenuity. 4000 masks were custom made, bearing the Inner Wheel Logo and name. They came in three lovely colours of olive, blue and burgundy. They are made of a waterproof, anti-microbial material and are a very comfortable fit.

Three Inner Wheel clubs in Singapore are participating in the sale and donation of the masks.


The masks are a necessity at this time while also enabling the Inner Wheel Clubs of Singapore, Singapore East and Singapore Central to achieve two other objectives: to raise funds from members who purchase the masks and to promote awareness of the work and existence of Inner Wheel as an organisation.


Charitable organisations not on the frontline of healthcare are very glad to have these well-made, reusable masks. They are being distributed during the months of September and October to various groups such as the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), the staff at two Hindu Temples, Mendaki the Council for the development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community as well as small groups of migrant workers on construction sites or working on our street planting and landscaping. The masks are always appreciated.


IWC Singapore East and Central have also been distributing masks to charitable organisations and members.


~ Wendy Louis, Club Correspondent