Bags with a Purpose Inner Wheel Club of  Singapore Central project for Willing Hearts


  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore Central

27 February 2021


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Willing Hearts (WH) is a secular, non-affiliated charity, which operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 9,500 daily meals to over 40 locations in Singapore. Willing Hearts also has overseas mission arms where they sent donations to countries like Myanmar and Philippines.


WH  requested collaboration of IWCSC for a project to provide them with eco-friendly cloth bags which are washable and reusable, made in various attractive colours and hit all the sustainability marks.


The members of IWCSC stitched more than 60 of these bags with lots of love and passion and handed over to Willing Hearts on 27th February 2021. We are so glad that they will be used for a noble cause!


~ Rati Asrani, President

9 March 2021