Inner Wheel Clubs in Singapore celebrate

World Inner Wheel Day

Inner Wheel Clubs of Singpaore, Singapore East,
Singapore West and Singapore Central

10 January 2022



Four Inner Wheel Clubs in Singapore came together to celebrate World Inner Wheel Day on 10 January 2022 at 3pm via Zoom.


President Cesa Framil from the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore East gave her welcome address as host of the event.  Guest of Honour Disrict Chairman Datin Gillian Lee also gave her address and lit the Candle of Friendship followed by a message from International Inner Wheel President Ebe read out by National Representative Ambika Menon.  This was followed by the 3 Toasts.


To commemorate the event, IWC of Singapore invited a keynote speaker Ms Simarna Singh who talked on “How can we make sustainable impact”.


Our club multi-talented member PP Clara Chan conducted a flower arrangement demo on zoom (see video).  Clara also does pottery and is an excellent cook.  She loves gardening and has a beautiful garden/orchard in Perth.


Last but not least, IWC of Singapore West closed the event with an Oriental dance item.


A big thank you to all who participated.


~ Eva Lau, Club Correspondent

IWC Singapore East