Peranakan Porcelain Wares

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore East

30 November 2021


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We had one of our own members Past President Betty Mariette giving us a talk on “Peranakan Porcelain Wares” at our November General Meeting held via zoom.  As an avid collector of Peranakan artifacts and porcelain wares, Betty shared with us her collection of “Kamcheng” a Hokkien word meaning covered jars which were used by Peranakan families to store water, pickles and food.  The “kamcheng” were usually commissioned as part of a wedding gift from the father of the bride to his daughter.  Predominantly pink with butterflies and peonies painted on them to signify marital bliss.


We thank PP Betty for taking the time to show us her collection and history of each “kamcheng” in her possession.


~ Eva Lau, Club Correspondent