Message from District Chairman Alice Lau

District Chairman 2014-2015, District 331, Alice Lau

I am very honoured to be the third District Chairman for Inner Wheel District 331 for 2014/2015. I thank you, members of Inner Wheel District 331, for your trust and confidence in me.

I am grateful to have many experienced and capable Inner Wheel members in my Committee. With their support and concerted effort, we hope to take District 331 to greater heights.

I wish to congratulate IPDC Nany Gotze and her District Committee Mmembers for a rewarding

District Inner Wheel year. I also wish to thank our Founder Chairman Rokiah Staun for her advice and guidance to the District 331.

Friendship is certainly the strength and stability of Inner Wheel. I encourage all our Inner Wheel members, in the spirit of International Inner Wheel, to work towards IIW theme for 2014/2015 – “Light The Path”. Let us share Inner Wheel by recruiting more members and forming more clubs.

I look forward to visiting you.

Alice Lau
District Chairman 2014-2015



Closing Message from IPDC Nany Gotze

District Chairman 2013-2014, District 331, Nany Gotze

My year as District Chairman 2013-14 was just the second of the new District 331. Though I think my job was not as taxing as that of PDC Rokiah in the first year, there was the huge task of getting appropriate resolutions passed for the future of this young district. And then there was the Joint District AGM 330/331 – held here in Singapore in March – to be organised.

The workload for organising such an event was enormous – but the results extremely rewarding! Especially when it came out to be such a memorable AGM! I should like to again express my sincere gratitude to the Organising Committee headed by PDE/PDISO Dr. Joanna Sie, and everyone who assisted and thereby contributed to its success. A big thank goes to PNR Dr. Lucy Ooi who helped the committee to solve some last-minute problems. Last but not least my special thanks to IWC Singapore-West Charter Member Mary Hoe-Tan who was able to secure funds for us which enabled the district to provide some subsidies for lowering the registration fees.

The experience of being a District Chairman was a valuable and life-changing one. Not only that one can better bond with each club of the District but also enjoying the fellowship and the hospitality, and by this strengthening the friendship that ties, all in all, it was unforgettable.

I am also extremely pleased to announce that during my year the three clubs in Singapore had adopted a joint project according to the ideals of “Happier Children”. This project aimed at fulfilling the wishing-lists of 'Child at Street 11' in Ang Moh Kio, Singapore, a childcare and before and after school care centre for children of 18 months old to level primary four. We visited them in big numbers, catered the food and gave them a party in their own centre. We took some of them for an outing to an indoor Playground Polliwog and fed them on IIW Day. The bigger part of the project, was to fund the renovation of their study room, building a carpeted story-telling corner, making shelves at the wall for storing their artworks and adding some colourful shelves on the floor for their bags.

As I pass the baton to our third District Chairman Alice Wong/Lau, I would like to congratulate her and her Executive Committee and wish them all a good head-start and a fantastic and fruitful year with also lots of fellowship ahead!

Nany Gotze
District Chairman 2013-2014



Message from IIW President 2014-2015

IIW President 2014-2015, Abha Gupta

Dear Friends,

With an utmost sanctity, solidarity and whole-hearted gratitude, I, hereby, accept the highest post of International Inner Wheel President 2014-15.  My sincerest thanks to all my Inner Wheel members for having reposed their faith and confidence in me for having endowed me with this magnificent opportunity to serve this organization.  You all are my support and strength and I assure you that I will, with God’s grace do the best in rendering my duties & responsibilities and spread a message of peace in today’s world order.

My foremost goal, with absolute commitment and involvement, will be to Promote Friendship, Encourage Personal Service and Foster International Understanding.  My path shall be the path of service, love and friendship.

And with my deepest conviction, I give a call for “Light the Path”. That is the theme for the year 2014-15 “Light the Path”.

When the Path is lit, our eyes have a clarity of vision, our minds are ignited, our hearts aglow with love, our souls filled with sanctity, our hands laden with noble goals and higher pursuits.

As we embark on our Inner Wheel journey, standing on the threshold of another Inner Wheel year, we look around and find ourselves surrounded by darkness of distress, anguish, violence and hatred.  As we step on this journey, we imbibe the glow of Inner Wheel to eradicate this by “Lighting the Path”.  The glow comes from within ourselves. Let us search within ourselves and discover this glow of compassion, concern, determination and dedication.

Let this beautiful glow lead us to those who need our help and compassion.  Reach out to them before it is too late.  Let us be the torch bearers of this light of Service.  Enjoy the splendid glow.  Dear Friends by sharing happiness & kindness with others, eradicating the darkness by “Lighting the Path” through Inner Wheel involvement, commitment and goals to achieve harmony and happiness in life.

Let us “Light the Path” for Happier Futures:

  • •  Respecting and recognition of woman
  • •  Good health for all – for a healthy world order
  • •  Happier future for children
  • •  Education for Gen-Next.
  • •  Clean, Green Environment

  • Propagate Inner Wheel so that the world knows its real worth and its sincere involvement in the reformation of the society.  We are born on this earth with a tryst to make this world a better and happier place to live in.  We can certainly better ourselves in this genuine pursuit!

Wishing you all a well lighted year with ignited minds and illuminated hearts full of love, kindness and happiness.

Abha Gupta
International Inner Wheel President 2014-2015



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