Welcome message from
Viola Tsen, District Chairman 2016-2017

Viola Tsen, Inner Wheel District 331 Chairman 2016-2017

To all my lady Inner Wheel members in District 331, "Hello."

To the new club office bearers, I wish you well for the coming IW year and I am looking forward to meeting up and having good fellowship.

The IIW theme for 2016-2017, chosen by the IIW President Yemisi is “TOUCH A HEART". So, not being cardiac surgeons, we will touch a heart with our love, care and kindness, a trait close to our Inner Wheel hearts.

Having read all your club reports, I sigh a sigh of relief, as all 8 clubs have been touching hearts since inception. We can walk away and bury ourselves in paperwork, forms and deadlines or we can sit up, have a heart and touch a heart.

In this IW family, one "S.O.S." on Whatsapp and the whole District is up and ready to help, as seen in the drive to help the earthquake victims in 2015. It's good to know, ladies of District 331, that even though we are thousands of kilometres away from each other, we are still bonded by friendship and service, bonded in our prayers and bonded in our jokes about life.

A kind word brings smiles to a million lips,
a smile lets loose a million ions of happiness
and a kind deed resonates to touch a million hearts.

We walk together, district and clubs, clubs and members and members and the community. Together we can make a difference, together we can touch a million hearts and by the end of June 2017, we would have made good our promise to “Touch a Heart".

Continue your quest of friendship and service and make Inner Wheel proud.

On behalf of my executive committee, I would extend our hearts in friendship. See you all soon.

Viola Tsen

District Chairman
District 331


Message (June 2017)

Message (June 2017)

Hello Inner Wheel ladies of District 331.

Its has been a long and short year so to speak, for me as District Chairman. Its been a wonderful year for all of us at District and we have added much needed experience under our belts to steam ahead.

This is my last month so I would like to say thank you to all, especially my exco and my DS for doing a fine job at running the administration of District 331 and my DT for keeping us in the black. To rest rest of my exco, it could not have been a successful year without everyone's support and assistance in playing their parts. Thank you ladies.

To all the club Presidents, its been great meeting and learning from you on how to serve the community better with your various projects.

To the entire bevy of ladies from all 8 Inner Wheel clubs, the pleasure of getting to know many of you and strengthening our bonds of friendship on a personal level is all mine, my heartfelt thanks and a big hug to all of you.

Many thanks also to our NR Simone Wippern for her assistance on many occasions and our Web manager Yeok San for her input and output of our many photos and messages. Thank you my friends.

A few congratulations are in order before 30th June.

Congratulations IWC of Kota Kinabalu on the induction of your new member Krystal Tokuzip. Welcome on board Krystal, may you find long and lasting friendship and share the experience of serving your community better.


Congratulations also to Estrellita Twohill of the IWC of Singapore East on your installation on 30/6/17 as President of your esteem club and to all your exco members, have fun during your year in office.

So ladies, I will see you at the next AGM, in the meantime keep up the good work so that we will all leave a lasting legacy!

Much love, in Inner wheel friendship,


Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (May 2017)

Message (May 2017)

Hello ladies of District 331,

Time flies with no breaks on, to say it's like a made in Malaysia car would be unfair as it's the driver and not the car that's to blame. So like the driver of District 331, I have to keep motivating all the clubs to be on 5th gear and keep the spirit of IW alive and burning bright. By now the in coming Presidents and their excos should be busy planning their new term and all the exciting challenges their members will be experiencing! Buz buz buz… busy bees make your honey.


So far, we have photos shared by IWC of Sg West Celebrating their Charter Night. Congratulations ladies.

Photo below: Celebrating Charter Night of IWC Sg West on 22nd April, 2017 at Rose Lien's home.


We have also, photo from the IWC of Sandakan doing their bit for Polio. Photo below: IWC of Sandakan joined the walk for polio by Rotary on 30th April, 2017.


The last photo is from IWC of Miri dining with their guest and discussing their next project, working with the Children Cancer Society. We are proud of you little MIRI! Photo below: IWC of Miri meeting with Mdm Jocelyn Hee, President of Sarawak Children Cancer Society, for their next club project.

I am sure the other clubs are also busy with their projects… do share.

We, domestic labourers, already had our holiday on 1st May 2017, so back to work… chop, chop. Have a fruitful May, enjoy, be thankful and keep well ladies.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (April 2017)

Message (April 2017)

Greetings ladies, from Sandakan,

By now you all would have seen the lovely photos taken at the AGM. For those who attended SAR, they  have another set of photos to boot. Your lovely smiles and happiness are now pixelated in colour forever!

Those lovely memories will forever be in my heart, thank you for your presence and support. For those who missed it, do enjoy the photos too, as you may see many old friends waving to you. Hope this will motivate you to attend the next one.

I know for sure you are not slowing down in your ‘touch a heart‘ projects, otherwise I would have read about  ‘work stoppage‘ or 'Inner Wheel strikes‘ in the newspaper… hahahaha. Thank God, ladies can multitask so well, there is no need to slow down.

Do continue your great work in your community projects and send the photos to DE Trinnah.

Four days after the AGM, I went on my Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour and, I must say it was just awesome! I saw Petra in its original splendour and not from the pages of a magazine. The Holy Land was so educational and inspiring… a tick off my bucket list.

Let’s continue our service and extend our hand in friendship to more people as we walk through April.

Enjoy your journey, beautiful ladies of District 331

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (March 2017)

Message (March 2017)

Hello all my lady friends,

It was so nice to have met up in Kuala Lumpur at the AGM, though I must say and apologise that I didn’t have much time to gather and exchange news. It was hectic for me, to say the least, especially helping NR Simone to attend to IIW VP Dr Kapila. She is a very nice lady but protocol dictates that she be accorded full VIP treatment all the way. I was elevated on the spot to IIW handbag carrier. I wonder if there is a badge for this?

18 Mar 2017: Opening Ceremony of 37th District 330 and 5th District 331 Annual General Meeting18 Mar 2017: Opening Ceremony of 37th District 330 and 5th District 331 Annual General Meetings

I am sure we all enjoyed the AGM weekend very much and have many photos to record this fun Friday and Saturday. The official photos are not out yet, so all our ear to ear smiles can only be seen from our mobile phones. I wish to say thank you to the ladies from all 8 clubs who took time off to attend and, especially to the IWC of Kuching and Singapore for your superb performances. If I could have stood up and gave you wolf whistles and twirl my shawl whilst standing on my chair, I would have. However, sitting next to the GOH, falling on to her lap would require a rewrite of the IIW constitution on “protocol"… section 78 c (iii ) ( m ) “no falling onto laps of IIW officers".

I am happy to announce that we have finally received our District Charter personally delivered by IIW VP herself. Lucia I will pass to you this precious cargo with two armed guards at your first exco meeting.
18 March 2017:  Receiving District 331 Charter Certificate from IIW Vice-President Dr (Mrs) Kapila Gupta Receiving District 331 Charter Certificate from IIW Vice-President Dr (Mrs) Kapila Gupta.

Girls, you all were so pretty that night at the AGM banquet and so well behaved… hahahaha, no pushing and shoving to take photos with the GOH. Just to share a snippet of conversation, someone overheard a VIP saying that the ladies of Districts 330 and 331 behaved so well, so cultured and so well educated. This statement was made at the SAR banquet attended by 600 participants from India.

The AGM went well. The resolutions were amended and passed…. I hope none of you felt left out… Maybe next year, if you apply early to incoming DC Lucia, she might just find time to allow you that one hour speech you so desire to make!!! Hehehe!!!
18 Mar 2017: Exco in the 5th AGM District 331 (in session). 18th March 2017: Executive Committee of District 331 in the 5th AGM, in session.

18th March 2017: Delegates of District 331 in the 5th AGM, in session.18th March 2017: Delegates of District 331 in the 5th AGM, in session.18th March 2017: Delegates of District 331 in the 5th AGM, in session.

18 March 2017:  Members with IIW VP Kapila Gupta during the AGM Gala Night18th March 2017: Members with IIW Vice-President Dr (Mrs) Kapila Gupta at the AGM banquet night.

Did anyone get to purchase any beautiful hand made jewellery by Cherylyn of Kuching Club? They are one-of-a-kind pieces and you will not find a similar one even if you overturn all the hay stacks in the field. Not to fret, there is always next year!

As for the South Asia Rally ("SAR"), fortunately District 331 was represented by a few of us. Thank you Dr Kim, Shirin and Rati for being there with me, much appreciated. Our District banner melted away from my grasp faster then you can say “Chicken Vinduloo". Such was the enthusiasm to exchange banners by the ladies from the Indian continent. Imagine if no one wanted our banner, I would have to give a free egg to anyone who would take one off my hands!

19 March 2017:  As a VIP at the 4th South Asia Rally Banquet NightAt the 4th South Asia Rally banquet night.

The keynote speaker, Dr Suresh gave an excellent speech. Not sure whether I was so engrossed in his speech or looking at his handsome smiling face and laughing at his jokes but it was the best one of the day.

All in all, it was a good AGM and SAR. Thank you again to those who went and I hope in next year's AGM, we will get a bigger crowd from District 331.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (February 2017)

Message (February 2017)

Dear ladies of District 331,

Now that another big festival is over… or not, as the eating still continues till Chap Goh Mei, our daily routines must get back on track as we look forward to the next big events, the AGM and SAR.

The OCs of these events are having sleepless nights, as would be expected in view of the fact that the registration for these two events is still lacking far behind. The appeal for more members to attend is out and as a sister district, we must support our own AGM.

I know that you are all planning your projects to touch hearts, to enjoy your fellowship and to bring fun to your club activities. This work doesn't stop no matter what animal is reeling around in our cosmos… out with the naughty monkey and in with the fire rooster… any hotter and it will become KFC!

Well, roosters are hard workings creatures, that's why we never have any shortage of chickens on the shelves of our supermarket… if you know what I mean. So, let's celebrate with the rooster and work hard in promoting service and friendship in Inner Wheel not only amongst our members but also in bringing new ladies into our fold. Then we will have more hands to touch more hearts, help more people and bring joy to a larger section of our community. Isn't this what Inner Wheel is all about? …the chicken coop must always have many roosters, hens and chicks running about!

Those who are performing at the AGM, a big heartfelt thank you from all of us in District 331. Go ladies go and make us proud!

I hope this year will see more positive events happening not only in Inner Wheel but also with us, our families, our countries and our world.


We, in District 331, would like to congratulate President Yvonne Mok of the IWC of KK on the birth of her precious princess, Angel Yeo, on 23rd January, 2017. And her member, Olivia Wong on the birth of her lovely daughter Tiffany Lu on 15th January 2017.


Birth of Angel Yeo to President Yvonne and Tiffany Lu to Olivia WongLeft pic: PIIWBD Datuk Nancy and Rosalind Tsang congratulating Yvonne. Right pic: District 331 is proud to introduce two beautiful babies to everyone. Welcome Princesses to Inner Wheel. On the left is baby Tiffany and on the right is baby Angel.

May tomorrow bring you happiness, good health and peace.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Chinese New Year Message

Chinese New Year Message

Dear ladies of District 331,

First allow me to say how beautiful you all look in your photos celebrating World Inner Wheel Day. Well done. The fellowship and the smiles on your faces say a thousand words.

World Inner Wheel Day 2017 (IWC Kota Kinabalu)From IWC Kota Kinabalu

World Inner Wheel Day 2017 (IWC Miri)From IWC Miri

World Inner Wheel Day 2017 (IWC Sandakan)

From IWC Sandakan

World Inner Wheel Day (IWC Singaore, Singpore East, Singapore West)From IWC Singapore Singapore East and Singapore West

World Inner Wheel Day 2017 (IWC Sibu)From IWC Sibu

For the chinese ladies about to welcome in the year of the cockrel, let this old chicken wish you all a very happy new year. The new year brings with it new beginnings, new friends, new challenges on a daily basis and new blessings.

As an old chook, i would like to say every day is a blessing if we open our hearts to accept and embrace every trial and tribulation, every good and bad, every happy and sad event and every second we spend with our family.

Our clubs will go on whether we lend a helping hand or not, club activities will be planned and carried out whether we volunteer or not, more hearts will be touched in District 331 whether we participate or not… so instead of getting left behind in the dark, join in in your club activities, volunteer, shout out, loud aloud and make merry with all your members for tomorrow is not ours to control. Love, live and be happy.

So with this, I wish each and every one of you Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the year of the Cockrel bring good tidings and favourable blessings to your household.

In the spirit of Inner Wheel,

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


1) Please encourage everyone to attend the AGM and SAR as the IIW President Oluyemisi will be there to give her support. Come and meet her.
2) District 330 welcomes donations in the form of door gifts for their goody bag/registration bag
3) Bring your club banners to exchange
4) We need a volunteer for the post of Extension Chairman 2017-2018


Message (January 2017)

Message (January 2017)

Hello ladies of District 331 and a very happy New Year to all.

As we settle down after our long Christmas and New Year break, the wheels have to start grinding again for family, work, friends, relatives and club.

Well, as experienced multitaskers, this is no herculean effort for us. It can be a pain in the "neck" sometimes, but life goes on. How nice if the food can jump into the pot, the laundry into the machine, the broom on voice command and, our darlings on astro control right next to delete… just kidding!

As 2017 has fallen from the sky and into our laps, let us rejoice and give thanks and get out our magic wand and get things started….

The message from IIW President Oluyemisi says it all for World Inner Wheel Day.

IIW Presiddent's 2017 Message for World Inner Wheel Day

My wish for all of you is to enjoy 2017 to the fullest and may your spirit of Inner Wheel be stronger then ever in these trying times.

170108  Congratulations Singapore for celebrating IIW DAY together Congratulations to the Inner Wheel Clubs in Singapore for celebrating World Inner Wheel Day together.

Please sign up for the AGM and SAR and lets meet up in March.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331

Christmas 2016 Message

Merry Christmas to all my friends in District 331

Dearest ladies of Inner Wheel,


As the time gets nearer to that special day when our Lord was born in a manger, we must all reflect and rejoice this previous gift God has given us. He gave us His only Son, to save us and to let us know that He loves us.


In return, let us live our lives, sharing and loving others and along this journey, touch as many hearts with our good deeds in the spirit of Inner Wheel.


Let us remember who we are, where we come from and where we are going.


Walking alone, the journey is dark and boring, but walking together with love and allowing our friendship to light our way, this one-way trip will be a lifetime of good memories, happy faces and no regrets.


From IWC Miri: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

Greetings from IWC Miri


From IWC Sandakan: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

Greetings from IWC Sandakan


From IWC Singapore East: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

Greetings from IWC Singapore East.


From Lily Ch'ng and family in USA: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

Greetings from Lily Ch'ng and family in the USA.


From May Hew and family in Singapore: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

Greetings from May Hew and family in Singapore.


From DC Viola and family in Tokyo: Merry Christmas to all in District 331, 24 Dec 2016

My family and I send our greetings to you from Tokyo.


Thank you Lily Ch'ng (IWC of Sg West), May Yew (IWC of Sandakan), IWC of Miri, IWC of Sandakan and IWC Singapore East, for the lovely Christmas photos.


We are happy also to have To' Puan Lam Lee Pin from District 330 in our prayer group. Prayer warriors thank you for your prayers every morning to help us on our way with the Lord.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, ladies of District 331.


Let us shine together for 2017.


Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (December 2016)

Message (December 2016)

Hello ladies of IW District 331,


Its nearly the end of 2016 and the experiences I have collected since taking office in July, meeting with all the ladies of the 8 Inner Wheel clubs has left me with lovely memories.


In November, together with the IWC of Sandakan, I visited the Montfort boys youth hostel and gave early christmas gifts to the boys . We also visited the care centre at the Duchess of Kent Hospital for children with Thalassemia and donated thala sets for their use.


November visit to Montfort Boys Youth Hostel


7Nov2016-IWC OF Sdk visit to the Thalassemia Day care centre . Donated thala sets for the needy patients.

In the 3rd week of November, I had the privilege of visiting the Inner Wheel clubs of Singapore East, Singapore and Singapore West. It was a long journey of 5 days taken with DT Mie Kiu. Along this journey to the West, we were joined (at the hips, yes the carbs went straight to the hips!) by all the exco members.


The 2nd exco meeting was held on the morning of the 17th. This went well and I am happy to say that District 331 is still of sound mind and body. Thank you Extension Chair Shirin for hosting this meeting at your lovely home.


17Nov2016-2nd exco meeting at the home of ext Ch Shirin Gadiali's home


The first club we met in the afternoon of the 17th, were the ladies from the IWC of Singapore East. Together with President Chai Lee Fung, Emmy and Tammy, we visited a Star Shelter. It was an eye opening visit to say the least. I am so proud of this club for sponsoring such a meaningful project that empowers women to be strong and independent. Thank you IW club of Singapore East for the meeting with your members that evening, the lovely dinner that followed and your gift from the heart.



17Nov2016-Lunch with members of the IWC of Sg East


The next day, 18/11, we, PDC Daisy, DS Gillian, DT Mie Kiu and I made a visit to Sun Dac centre for the intellectually disabled with President Gek and her ladies, PDC Nany, Lucy Bay, PP Caroline and two others. This visit highlighted what the Inner Wheel club can do to bring joy and happiness to the less fortunate. Keep your candle burning bright!


18Nov2016-Visit to Sun-Dac with the IWC of Sg West


Our fellowship continued at the Tanglin Club as we shared more stories during lunch.


The Gala Charity Dinner on 18/11/16, hosted by the Inner Wheel club of Singapore started at 4 pm for us as we got ready for this big event at President Rati’s home. You looked stunning in your beautiful sari Rati, very regal indeed. Of course, not wanting to out dress her we left the crown jewels we borrowed from HM Queen Elizabeth of Windsor at home. This event was so touching as the club recognised all the ladies for their years of dedication and service to Inner Wheel and their charitable contributions made to society, especially Ellen Louis, a grand old lady holding 54 years under her belt of service and friendship. Congratulations to all the recipients for your long service awards. The occasion was made extra special when the club received their Charter from IIW, which was presented to the club by NR Simone Wippern.


18 Nov 2016, IWC Singapore, Charter presentation


It was indeed a beautiful night of ‘stars‘…. One slim star called Rati, one shiny star called Shahnaz and one little star called Maria. They, together all the supporting stars lit up the entire banquet hall. Thank you for inviting the entire Exco to grace this auspicious 70th birthday bash.


On sat 19/11/16, the starlets attended a club meeting and we had a great time, meeting and eating and eating and eating and eating… thank you ladies of the IWC of Singapore for a lovely time and all the extras that came along. It's good to finally know you all.


18 Nov 2016, DC meets IWC Singapore members


A deep friendship is like a rainbow. When the perfect amounts of happiness and tears mixed, the result is a colourful bridge between two hearts.


This rainbow came out on all the five days we were there. So blessed.


By the way, rainbows come out at night too, you just have to feel it… that we did at our meeting and gathering with the IWC of Singapore West on 19/11/16. It was a fruitful meeting of sharing and the discussions led us to the dinner table… again!


19 Nov 2016: DC meets members of IWC Sg West


DISO Prabha took us shopping at Takashimaya but guess who did most of the shopping? …Prabha did! However, we all ended up buying waterproof mattress protector. Why? To protect against ‘future’ leakage of course… by the grand babies. What did you think?


My thanks to all the ladies who opened their hearts and their homes to welcome me and my exco for those 5 days. We enjoyed our visit, enjoyed our stay and our chats till way past midnight and most of all we made new friends, collected boxes of laughter and happiness and took home precious memories.


Thank you ladies of all the 8 IWC clubs in District 331.


To those celebrating christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS, May God bless you and grant you love, peace and joy for 2017.


To the rest, HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a great 2017. Touch a heart where ever you maybe so that all the pages of your book of life will be filled with wonderful stories and memories of happy faces , leaving no room for regrets . Enjoy Inner Wheel.


However, do remember to sign up for the AGM and SAR.


Happy holidays all,

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (October 2016)

Message (October 2016)

When did I put my time on 7th gear(?)… but it just flies when I am having fun. This month, DT Mie Kiu and I flew to the land of the hornbills to visit the IWC of Miri, Sibu and Kuching. Didn't see a single hornbill but met up with great IW ladies.

First stop, 23 Sep 2016, was with the IWC of Miri. We stayed with Florence in her cosy home and had great food and fellowship during brunch, lunch and installation dinner where we met a few members. Superb time, getting to know them all. We made an interesting visit to the Dialysis Centre and learnt so much from the nurses and from the patients. Touching hearts is an everyday thing at the centre, from the kind and caring nurses to the grateful patients. It makes us wonder why we are not doing more with our healthy lives. Thank you IWC Miri. Keep the candle burning.

DC Viola visits IWC Miri, 23 Sep 2016
DC Viola visits IWC Miri, 23 Sep 2016
Second stop, 24 Sep 2016, was with the IWC of Sibu. We made a visit to the Agape Centre and met with the adults working there, packing spices for sale. IWC of Sibu made a generous donation to the Centre. Lunch and club meeting followed and we exchanged ideas on club matters. No worries on this club with club secretary Agnes at the wheel, surrounded by two IPDCs advising President Alice Tang. Our thanks to IWC Sibu.

DC Viola visits IWC Sibu, 24 Sep 2016
DC Viola visits IWC Sibu, 24 Sep 2016
Final stop, 25 Sep 2016, was with the IWC of Kuching. We spent our time and stayed at the Sarawak Cultural Village in a longhouse. What an experience for the both of us! We had a fruitful meeting and great welcoming song presented to us. Thank you Jacqueline and all the ladies present. After eating a lot, we then proceeded to zoomba our way to dinner. The sunset was just beautiful, but the food was even better. We wish Miss Faby Darrell a successful operation. Good job and thank you IWC of Kuching.

DC Viola visits IWC Kuching, 25 Sep 2016
All in all, I must say we had a good time, renewing old friendships, making new ones, enjoying a cultural experience of a lifetime in Bidayuh and Kelabit fashion and still flew back with our heads intact. DC in the fast lane!

All's well that ends well. As we sit back and relax after a fruitful month of September, please, ladies of District 331, remember the message from our IIW President Yemisi (on whatsapp), to touch as many hearts as you can, interact with your club and community, share love and kindness and encourage your friends to join Inner Wheel. Together we can extend our service and friendship and touch even more hearts.

Have a good month in October with your projects, from heart to heart… see you all in the IWC of Kota Kinabalu in October.

Have fun.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (September 2016)

Message (September 2016)

It's the 3rd month already into our term and I have yet to climb any mountains nor save any forests nor discover the cure for the common cold. But I have smiled a lot hoping to touch hearts everyday, speak more politely and be more generous. Ask the ladies at our first Exco meeting in Kota Kinabalu. We all enjoyed ourselves, after the meeting of course, and visited the many kampongs filled with happy folks, thanks to IPDC Daisy and DS Gillian’s hard work.

160826-DC Viola Tsen with her Exco members at the First District 331 Executive Committee MeetingDC Viola Tsen and the Exco of District 331, accompanied by the late Rotarian PP Kenny Chong, husband of IPDC Daisy Chong, on the way to Kampong Kota Belud
We thank them for their continuous hospitality in bringing us around and feeding us, and doing all the legwork prior to the meeting. Yvonne of KK club was also there to ferry NR Simone and DE Trinnah to Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Of course, Jamillah did a roaring trade thanks to EC Shirin but I am not sure if DE Prabha became the top ten contributor to the economy of KK. That, you have to ask her.

The fellowship that weekend was fabulous especially as we had NR and PNR in attendance. Thank you to all who took time off to fly to KK.

DC Viola Tsen at the Installation of IWC Kota KinabaluDC Viola Tsen at the Installation dinner of IWC Kota Kinabalu I attended the installation dinner of IWC of Kota Kinabalu, President Yvonne's 2nd year as President. Good job President Yvonne and her team and our heartiest congratulations to IWC of KK. IIWBD Pearl Mohan was their guest of honour, so NR Simone and I had a great dinner, enjoying ourselves as we didn't have to give a speech.

Sadly, the husband of IPDC Daisy Chong, PP Kenny Chong, has recently passed away. Our hearts went to her and her family. DVC Lucia and I attended the funeral service on 20 August 2016 at Basel Church, KK. He will be sadly missed by his family and Rotarians alike.

DC Viola Tsen visits her home club, IWC Sandakan
The next event was the official club visit to my home club, the IWC of Sandakan. Of Course that was light and easy, and fun. Thank you ladies and friends.

DC Viola Tsen with IWC Sandakan members at the Installation Banquet of the Rotary Club of SandakanDC Viola Tsen in a group photo with members of the Rotary Club of Sandakan, as their guest of honour at their Installation BanquetDC Viola Tsen receiving a memento from President Dany Tsang, Rotary Club of Sandakan
I also attended the installation dinner of the Rotary Club of Sandakan as guest of honour, so this time the butterflies were fluttering fast and furious and no free meal. Tortured them into listening to my 2 cents worth …..hahaha. Indeed an experience of a lifetime! Thank you, Rotary Club of Sandakan, for that honour.

Life in the fast lane is mentally tiring. Physically, no need to mention, body already qualified as a museum piece.

Have a fruitful journey in September my friends. See the Sarawak ladies in September.

Have fun.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (August 2016)

Message (August 2016)

Hello ladies, how has your month been? I tried using my "pause" function of the Astro control but August still insisted on coming into the calendar. Sorry, I tried. So we plod on in the hope that we are doing right by all.

Just to update you on what I have been up to. In July, I attended the installation dinner of my home club, IWC of Sandakan. Then, on 31/7, I flew to attend the installation dinner of IWC Kota Kinabalu. IIWBD Datin Pearl and NR Simone were there too. We had a good fellowship that night. My thanks to both IW clubs for inviting me.

This month, the District Exco will be having our first meeting in Kota Kinabalu on the 6th August. NR will be gracing our meeting with her presence. Also present, will be IPNR Phyllis as guest, as we plan to visit the final 4 kampongs benefitting from IPDC Daisy and DS Gillian’s hard work.

Looks like more eating and feasting as we roll along this month… Why many of you don't want to take up positions in District, I don't understand… haha.

From the speeches given by the respective Presidents of both clubs and the video clips shown, I am so humbled by the efforts put in to "touch a heart". This year, more will be touched and lives will be changed just because someone cares enough to stand and say "we can do it".

Thank you, Inner Wheel ladies, for your women power. With Divine help, we can do anything.

Go forth and multiply. (Your efforts I mean! …babies also can, we will induct them on their full moon.)

Have fun.

Viola Tsen
District Chairman 2016-2017
District 331


Message (July 2016)

Message (July 2016)

Dear Madam Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and members of IW Clubs of District 331,

Greetings and a warm welcome to our 20162017 Inner Wheel year . The time has come to rise up and take our places and carry out the responsibilities entrusted to us by our members. We have to commence our work both at district and club levels and I wish you all good luck.

For many of us, it's our first time holding office at the position we are now at and, for many it's just a continuation from last term . Whatever our posts, we must remember that we are first and foremost, amongst friends. Secondly, our friends will support us in service and friendship. Thirdly , we volunteered to serve and not be served.

At District level, the same principles apply. We are here to fold the fort and to guide the clubs and to promote service and friendship in good times and in bad. Our doors are open, or rather our whatsapp is on 24/7 to all members.

The theme this year is “Touch a Heart" as chosen by our International President Oluyemisi Alatise of Nigeria . Her message explains her theme which is near and dear in all our hearts. Without caring and sharing, our Inner Wheel life would be cold and empty indeed. Since this theme is not alien to our clubs, I am confident that all the 8 clubs will rise to the occasion and do our level best to touch as many hearts as we can when carrying out our club
projects this inner wheel year.

I wish each and every club president, secretary, treasurer every success for your term in office, and, to every member, I wish you all good blessings. I hope to meet all of you and give you a hug for touching other hearts in your journey with us at District.

Go forth and touch a heart ladies.

In Inner Wheel friendship,
Viola Tsen
District Chairman
District 331


highlights on 1 July 2016

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2015-2016 District Chairman Daisy Chong

2014-2015 District Chairman Alice Lau

2013-2014 District Chairman Nany Gotze

2012-2013 District Chairman Rokiah Staun