Farewell Message


With Endings, Come New Beginnings

District 331 Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



Dear friends,


As 2021-2022 draws to a close, there is no better time than now, to reflect on what the District has accomplished during this last year. Although it was fraught with just as many anxieties as in the previous year, the experience gained in overcoming the unprecedented challenges of 2020-2021 served us well. This, together with the strength and resilience of our D331 ladies not only saw them rising to, and overcoming the many hurdles that came their way, but they have each become better than before … in their computer skills, their creativity and their ability to think outside the box.

Our Achievements


All things considered, I am happy to say that we have done amazingly well and have not only accomplished quite a fair bit over the last two years, but also achieved several “firsts” for the District. These include:

  • the conducting of the first Extraordinary General Meeting, where a proposal for the D331 Constitution to allow virtual meetings to be held, was carried.
  • having the presence of an IIW President at our D331 Past District Chairmen’s Meeting in June 2021.
  • having an IIW Past President conduct a seminar on “Membership Growth, Development & Retention” on 4th September 2021 for our members.
  • the organising and conducting of a series of Self Learning Modules on various aspects of Inner Wheel.
  • having a record number of 45 registrants - 21 members from the East Malaysian Clubs and 24 members from the Singapore Clubs in D331, attending the 18th IIW First Virtual Convention 2021 in Jaipur, India.
  • having 3 Clubs from D331 participating in the 18th IIW Convention
    – IWC Kuching with their “Dance of the Hornbill”; IWC Singapore West with their performance “Oriental Gems”; and IWC Singapore with their Collage of Projects presentation; and last but not least
  • having 3 Clubs from District 331 – IWC Singapore, IWC Singapore East and IWC Kuching, being presented in September 2021 with the prestigious IIW Presidential Citations for achieving the IIW Presidential Goals for 2020-2021. What an achievement for District 331!!

Celebrations and Commiserations

SOPs pertaining to social gatherings and travel restrictions failed to put a damper on our Inner Wheel spirits, as we celebrated, albeit virtually, the many auspicious occasions of our Clubs, each one marking a special milestone in the annals of its history.

We had happy memories and sad ones too, as we were reminded of the fragility of life and the preciousness of our Inner Wheel friendship with the passing of our stalwarts… the late IIW PBD Datin Lucy Tokuzip and PNR Puan Sri Helen Jayasuriya from IWC Kota Kinabalu, and Senior Active Members PP Ellen Louis and Laxmi Uttam Kripalani from IWC Singapore. Though their journey with us have ended, we are grateful to have had them in our lives. They will always live on in our hearts!

District 331 Coordinated Projects

  1. This year saw the successful completion of the “Gift of Water, Gift of Life” Water Filtration Project and the handover of Phases 1 and 2 of the Filtered Water Systems to the Community of Kampung Palak Darat, on the island of Pulau Banggi, Sabah. The Handover Ceremony, which was held on Saturday 11th June 2022, was attended by 12 Inner Wheel D331 Executive Committee members and representatives from IWC Kota Kinabalu, IWC Singapore East, IWC Singapore and IWC Singapore Central, together with 3 Rotarian husbands. Where the womenfolk from this village once had to walk long distances, come rain or shine, to fetch water from the open ground water wells, filtered pipe water is now at their doorsteps. The gratefulness in the eyes of these villagers as they thanked Inner Wheel made this Project all the more meaningful.

    Thank you to the 9 participating Clubs and all well-wishers for the generous donations, without which we would not have been able to sponsor the purchase of the construction materials. A big thank you also to Mr Philip Chin and the team from PACOS Trust (our partner-in-service for this Project), for their expertise in designing and constructing the water systems and guiding the villagers in the construction of the water systems. Thank you everyone for making their dream a reality!

    The unused balance from the funds raised amounted to RM1,200 and this was donated by Inner Wheel to the “Pertubuhan Rakyat Kampung Palak” (also known as the Kampung Palak “Seed Fund”) for their socio-economic activities so as to generate and increase the source of income of the community in Kg Palak Darat.

  2. The last weekend of June 2022 saw the completion of yet another meaningful project, “The Fire Extinguisher Project”. This District coordinated project has, over this Inner Wheel year, not only raised sufficient funds to equip 4 villages of longhouses in the rural and interior areas of Sarawak with fire extinguishers, but also provided fire safety training sessions and fire-fighting demonstrations to groups of “fire fighters” which included the womenfolk. This Project has benefitted a total of 712 households and 6,480 villagers.

District 331 Rally


Although the first D331 Rally in Kuching has been twice postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, the Organising Committee will make it happen come September 2022. Updates will be coming your way!



The success of this past year was due to the incredible support of all our members. The DExco and I could not have done it without you and I thank everyone for your precious friendship and support!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my dear 2020-2022 DExco members and their Sub-committee members for a job well done. Our two year term has been a long and challenging one, but I'm happy to say that despite the steep learning curves familiarising ourselves with new technologies, and thinking out of the box each time the Pandemic threw us a new curve ball, they have shown their might and resourcefulness. Also, my deepest thanks to two very deserving ladies without whom this term would not be the success that it is - our NR Ambika Panicker and web-provider Cheng Yeok San. I am truly honoured to have such a great team working with me! Thank you for your efforts and hard work, your wonderful friendship… which I shall always treasure, and for always being there for me.


To my Singaporean DExco members who will soon be part of the new District 332, and especially to those who will be serving as District 332 Officers, may I wish you all the very best under the able leadership of Incoming DC Prabha Rao! I hope that having served as District officers in either D331 or D330 or both, you will now take with you the knowledge, skills and experience that you have gained, and apply them to lead District 332 well.

On behalf of the 2020-2022 DExco members, may I extend a warm welcome to the 2022-2023 District 331 Exco under the very capable leadership of DC Rokiah Staun. May you have every success in the coming year as you take District 331 to greater heights!

With love, and in Inner Wheel friendship,

Datin Gillian Lee
District Chairman, 2020-2022
Inner Wheel District 331




Farewell Messages from the other 2020-2022 Executive members of District 331 and NR Ambika Panicker


  • “Working in the District Committee was full of new learning experiences. May the ‘Candle of Friendship’ keep our path of services illumined with the spirit of love and care.”  - DVC Prabha Rao
  • “Every June, we WIND down another year in Inner Wheel. With the birth of a new District 332, I will miss District 331, the present DEXCO with DC Gillian Lee at the helm and all members, and will always remember my dear friends forever.”  - IIWPBD Shirin Ghadiali
  • “Dear D331 friends, thank you for the many years of love and true friendship as we serve Inner Wheel together. We may be separated but never forgotten.”  - DEC Phyllis Fong
  • “Our Inner Wheel Friendship across the border has become stronger.”  - DS Maria Hassanbhai
  • “There were countless moments where my heart has basked in the joys of being with our graceful and kind ladies, while doing good for others. May God bless you all!”  - DT Sarifah Sihah
  • “It has been an interesting journey for me serving at the District Level. I thought  my role as DE would be a piece of cake! It was instead humbling as my knowledge of writing and editing is limited. The Editor job is interesting; it provides valuable insights to the workings of every club.  My thanks to DC Gillian and the Exco for their gentle guiding hands in all matters.”  - DE Janet Lim
  • “Wishing everyone all the best!”  - DISO Jane Lian Labang
  • “My term as NR D331  was memorable. So happy that I witnessed the 75th Anniversary celebration of IWC Spore and the birth of D332 Singapore. Congratulations to D331 DC Gillian Lee and her Exco for a job well done. God Bless.”  - NR Ambika Panicker



Message for 10 Jan 2022, Inner Wheel Day


Message for Inner Wheel Day

District 331 Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



Message for December 2021


Message for December 2021

District 331 Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



MERRY CHRISTMAS and warmest greetings dear fellow Inner Wheel members. I hope this message finds you well and in good health.


It is hard to believe that we are almost half way through this Inner Wheel year! How quickly time flies when you’re busy. And that, I have certainly been, with the last few months seeing me:

  • making my rounds of virtual visits to IWC Sandakan and all the clubs in Singapore and Sarawak;
  • chairing two District 331 Executive Committee (“DExco”) meetings, a special meeting with the DExco on the future of District 331 and a Past District Chairmen’s meeting;
  • organising a Forum for our members on “The Way Forward for District 331”; and
  • participating in two World Peace Day Celebrations organised by IWC Singapore Central and IWC Singapore, and a couple of training sessions organised by our D331 Training Sub-committee.


Happily, all went well, and with the last two District Chairman visits to IWC Kinabalu Rafflesia and IWC Kota Kinabalu scheduled for December 2021, I am delighted to say that our clubs are doing their best during these trying times.


The months of September to November 2021 also saw eight of our Clubs celebrating their Anniversaries, with the penultimate being the grand 75th Anniversary of IWC Singapore on 17th of November 2021 and culminating with the 10th Anniversary of IWC Kuching on 28th November 2021.

The 75th Anniversary of IWC Singapore not only marked a happy and special occasion for the IWC Singapore, but also a momentous milestone for our District, as not many Inner Wheel Districts are fortunate enough to have in its midst, a “Grande Dame” who, at 75 years young, is still amazingly vibrant and shows no signs of slowing down! Incredible as it may be, our oldest Club has not only grown from strength to strength over the years serving its local community as well as those as far as India and Nepal, but it has also given our District two wonderful clubs - the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore East and the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore West, which were chartered on the 27th and 29th of October 1975 respectively.


Although these Anniversaries were occasions for celebration, they also impressed upon me the true grit of our Inner Wheel ladies. For any organisation to reach its 75th birthday is a truly remarkable achievement! And for the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore, it was no exception. The early days of post-war Singapore must have been an exceedingly difficult period for all those who survived the war years… a time of hardships and sufferings. But, despite those challenges, a group of gracious yet valiant ladies, took it upon themselves to come together in 1946 to do what they could for the local community… and their act of kindness and generosity eventually led to the formation of the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore.

And this is so even today, as each of our Clubs celebrates its Anniversary during this challenging time brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Our ladies have continued to put the needs of the less fortunate before their own and do whatever they can to lighten the plight and anguish of so many.


Truly, the Inner Wheel 2021-2024 International Social Project theme “Strong Women, Stronger World” encapsulates the essence of our Inner Wheel ladies. There is no limit as to what they can accomplish once they set their minds to it. They, and those before them, have lived through it all. They may not always raise their voices so that those less privileged and without a voice, may be heard. Instead, it is their actions to empower and create opportunities for women, to educate the disadvantaged children in their communities, to improve the health and wellbeing of the neglected, and to make this world a better place… that speak volumes about who they are and their commitment to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.


As District 331 moves towards the next phase of its existence in the not too distant future, I am confident that our Clubs will take any challenges that may come their way in their stride and continue to carry the Inner Wheel baton of Service and Friendship with pride. The Clubs of District 331 have been, and will always be, the Beacon of Hope to those in need!



Yours in Inner Wheel friendship

Datin Gillian Lee
District Chairman, 2020-2022
Inner Wheel District 331




Inner Wheel Friendship Across Borders


"Inner Wheel Friendship Across Borders"

A message from District 331 Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



Dear fellow Inner Wheel members,


Warmest greetings to you from Kota Kinabalu. I hope that this message finds you well, in good health and ready to serve your community as you make PINK FIRST!


With virtual technology being the new normal in our lives today, the first month of my Inner Wheel calendar this year saw me present at several virtual Club Installations. It was indeed a proud moment for me to see our younger members enthusiastically taking up the challenge to lead their clubs and to serve their communities. The virtual Installation ceremonies were well organised and attended by many Inner Wheel friends… both old and new, not only from within our District and District 330, but also from across the world. Friends, united together through Inner Wheel!


If we were to look around us, the world today is facing not only the uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, but also many challenges and crises that undermine peace, security and social harmony in the global community. Thankfully, the International Day of Friendship, which is celebrated on the 30th of July each year, reminds us that there is still some good in this world and that friendship between peoples, countries and cultures, can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. For even in our differences, we can find common ground. Deep down, we all have the same needs, the same aspirations for ourselves and our children, and the same visions for a peaceful and harmonious world. A world where we are all united for the greater good. And it can only be achieved when there is true friendship among us.


Yes, friendship certainly makes the world go round and all it takes is one small action… be it a smile, or even taking that first step to make contact through International Inner Wheel, an amazing platform that gives us countless opportunities to make friends across borders… to accept others as they are, to see the good in others, to promote international understanding and respect for diversity… and to generally support each other as we journey through life!


So, what better way for the members of our Inner Wheel Club of Kinabalu Rafflesia, Sabah (District 331) and the Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar, Kedah (District 330) to mark International Day of Friendship 2021 than to come together on that day to sign a Friendship Club Agreement.


The virtual meeting, which was attended by Inner Wheel members and District officers from both Districts, started off on a high note with speeches from President Pavitratha Puspanathan of IWC Alor Setar and President Audrey Chin of IWC Kinabalu Rafflesia, addresses by DC Datin Shamini Nair and myself as the respective District Chairmen, and video presentations showcasing the wondrous beauty that both States had to offer. This was then followed by the virtual exchange of banerettes between the two Clubs and finally the virtual signing of the Friendship Club Agreement by the Club Presidents, with both District Chairmen as witnesses.


This Friendship Club Agreement (“FCA”) was the first ever to be signed virtually by any club in District 331 and District 330. As such, those present were astounded to see each virtual signature appearing on the projected FCA, as the parties concerned took turns to sign the document from the comfort of their homes. That is modern technology for you, and it was certainly the highlight of that evening!


On that note, may I wish all our Inner Wheel Club Presidents, their Executive Committee and Club members not only a fruitful year ahead, but also a year of true friendship and international understanding. A friendship of warm and wonderful memories, unbreakable by distance and unchangeable by time, and a bond where all Inner Wheel members are ONE in spirit… sharing one passion and one vision for a better tomorrow!!


Yours in Inner Wheel friendship

Datin Gillian Lee
District Chairman, 2020-2022
Inner Wheel District 331




Sweet Memories and New Beginnings

Sweet Memories and New Beginnings
From District Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



Dear Inner Wheel members, warmest greetings from Kota Kinabalu!

The last 12 months have certainly seen more than its fair share of challenges. But like they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and there certainly was one for those of us who saw the challenges that came our way as hurdles to surmount!

Although members in our District have been physically forced apart, we have found new ways to stay close and to support each other and our communities. Among other things, we have learnt to overcome our fear of new technologies, and video conferencing is now a way of life. There are many of us who now possess “strengths” which we never knew we had pre-Covid-19 days, including the ability to constantly think outside the box. In short, we have learnt to become more versatile and resourceful, and that, is the wondrous blessing that came with this otherwise dire pandemic.


Our resilience and initiatives have also resulted in many “firsts” for District 331 this year. These included:

  • Our District’s first ever Extraordinary General Meeting, and a virtual one at that, which was successfully held in October 2020.
  • An amazing turnout of 45 delegates ( 21 delegates from the East Malaysian clubs and 24 delegates from the Singapore clubs) who registered for the IIW 18th Convention in April 2021, where three of our clubs displayed their creativity and talents. We had:
  • the stunning and bewitching “Dance of the Hornbills” performed by the graceful ladies of IWC Kuching, Sarawak:
  • the dazzling “Oriental Gems” performed by the elegant ladies of IWC Singapore West; and
  • the impressive and beautiful Collage of Projects designed by IWC Singapore.
  • It was a indeed a proud moment for District 331.
  • The launching of District 331’s Self Learning Modules which came with accompanying quizzes. This programme saw a creditable number of member participation, several of whom have since requested for more of such training sessions to be organised.
  • The “Incoming Chairman’s Institute” and the “Leadership Development Training Programme” for District Chairmen held in April 2021 and May 2021 respectively. Both these sessions were not only informative, but also very well organised and presented. They were an amazing learning experience for your District Chairman.
  • The District 331 Past District Chairmen’s meeting held virtually in mid-June 2021, and which was attended by IIW President Dr Bina Vyas who spoke about the Roles and Qualities of Past District Chairmen. It was a very enlightening session, with many PDCs staying on after the meeting to interact with President Dr Bina.


  • And last but not least, for the very first time in the history of District 331, the entire District Executive Committee will continue in office for a second term!


All these unforgettable moments came about because we did not let our fears and anxieties take over our lives, and what would otherwise have been a fairly quiet 2020-2021 has turned out to be a fairly successful year for District 331… one of unexpected achievements and great fellowship!


And this success was due to all of you! As your District Chairman for 2020-2021, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to:

  • all the Club Presidents, Executive Committee members and members for your efforts, contributions, support, and friendship;
  • each and every one of my invaluable and extremely dedicated…
  • District Executive Committee members for always being there for me, and
  • District Training, Website and Rally Sub-committee members for placing your trust in me and believing in my visions;
  • our ever supportive and dependable PNR Rokiah Staun, PDC Daisy Chong, PDISO Estrellita Twohill  and PDC Viola Tsen who willingly went the extra mile to assist the District when called upon; and
  • our hardworking National Representative Alice Lau, whom I had the pleasure of working closely with during this term.


I hope you have all enjoyed this past Inner Wheel year… being part of the many community service projects and activities organised by your Clubs and the District, participating in the D331 Learning Initiatives, and enjoying the warm fellowship of your fellow members… even if only virtually.


So, as we bid adieu to Inner Wheel year 2020-2021, a year filled with virtual meetings galore and which has “zoomed” by so quickly, let us be thankful for all the little blessings bestowed upon us. Your efforts to “Lead the Change”  have been phenomenal, and it is now time for us to look forward with confidence and positivity to a better year ahead as we make “Pink First”!


Wishing all Incoming Presidents and Executive Committee members a successful and fruitful 2021-2022!

In Inner Wheel friendship


In Inner Wheel Friendship

Dtn Gillian Lee

District Chairman, 2020-2021

Inner Wheel District 331





Inner Wheel Day Message

Inner Wheel Day Message
From District Chairman Datin Gillian Lee



INNER WHEEL DAY is celebrated in many different ways by each of the Clubs in our District. Some clubs may start the Day with a community service project followed by a social gathering for their members, while others may just mark the Day by serving their local communities through meaningful projects. However, no matter how the Day is being celebrated by our Clubs, it has been, and will always reflect, in some way or another, the Objects of Inner Wheel…. be it the promotion of friendship, service to the community, or international understanding.


Dear Inner Wheel members of District 331, I am happy to announce that your Inner Wheel Day celebration this year will also be marked by the commencement of our District 331 Clubs’ Joint Water Project on the island of Pulau Banggi, Sabah. The construction of the first, of perhaps two, water systems on the island will commence this coming week and if all goes according to plan, the Project will be completed and the handing over ceremony held at the end of March 2021, to coincide with UNICEF’s World Water Day. Dear ladies, this Project belongs to YOU and all the other participating Clubs in District 331, and its success will be a reflection of your efforts, generosity, and care for the less fortunate!


Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of those villagers, and a Very Happy Inner Wheel Day to everyone! Let us continue to Lead the Change!


In Inner Wheel Friendship

Dtn Gillian Lee

District Chairman, 2020-2021

Inner Wheel District 331

Season's Greetings from District Executive Committee

24 Dec 2020. Season's Greetings from District Executive Committee.

Second Message from District Chairman

Second Message from
District Chairman 2020-2021

Datin Gillian Lee, District 331 Chairman, Inner Wheel Year 2020-2021

Dear Fellow Inner Wheel Members


Of all the Inner Wheel themes that have been promulgated by our past IIW Presidents, there is surely no theme more appropriate to our present circumstances than this year’s theme of “Lead the Change”. With the Coronavirus pandemic now into its 11th month, I doubt if there is anyone amongst us who can say that she has not had the need to make any changes to her life since … be it Inner Wheel or otherwise.


At the start of this Inner Wheel year, the District 331 Executive Committee members thought that with the imposition of the Circuit Breaker and the Recovery Movement Control Order in Singapore and Malaysia respectively, 2020-2021 was going to be a very quiet year for us all. The uncertainties, the fears, the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, the adjustments to the new norms… added to everyone’s list of anxieties, and for a moment, “WE” became the priority in our lives. A few months down the road, however, see us slowly adapting to the new normal, going with the flow and taking things in our stride. Such is life!


During these first five months of this Inner Wheel year, I have been privileged to be part of many Inner Wheel events. Events similar to those of pre-Covid-19 days, and yet different in their approach.
From my physical cum virtual District Chairman Installation Ceremony in July 2020, to the virtual Club installations and the physical ones with all the SOPs in place, and from the setting up of several District Sub-committees to oversee the training needs of our members, the promotion of the Inner Wheel brand within our local communities and the revamping of our District 331 Website, to attending virtual IIW Webinars, conducting virtual District Executive Committee meetings and chairing our District 331’s first ever Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) via video conferencing… all these were unchartered waters, but we embraced the change and forged ahead.


District 331 EGM, 1 Aug 2020.In addition to the two District 331 Executive Committee Meetings held on 1st August 2020 and 29th August 2020, the EGM was held on 10th October 2020 to approve a proposed resolution giving the District Chairman and the District Committee the prerogative to adopt alternative arrangements with regard to the conduct of meetings, should circumstances prevailing at the time deem it necessary.


The EGM was very well attended with 41 voting delegates and observers present. After much deliberation, an enhanced proposed resolution was then put to the vote. This was unanimously approved by all the voting delegates present.


Another “first” for the District was when I made my first virtual District Chairman official visit to IWC Singapore on 29th October 2020. This virtual meeting was certainly an unprecedented event in our District, but then again, never before have we ever experienced such a health pandemic that warranted us to think outside the box and to go beyond our boundaries.


Both the meetings with the Club Executive Committee members and the Club members were very well organised. The enthusiasm of the members was amazing and there was never a dull moment during that 2 hour session! For details, kindly refer to my District Chairman Official Visit Report to IWC Singapore (click to download).


The D331 Learning Initiative Programmes or “LiPs” was one of my visions for our members this year.


D331 Learning Initiative Programme or "LiPs"After months of planning, the programme started off with a Fireside Session on “What It Means To Be An Inner Wheel Member” in October 2020. The session, which was very well attended by over 40 members, was conducted by PNR Rokiah Staun, with PNR Phyllis Fong as the Quiz Master and DVC Prabha as the Facilitator.


This was later followed by the rolling out of the IIW Self Learning Modules, which had a twist to them. To add some fun into the Modules, Q&A’s were developed by the Training team for each Module and members were encouraged to attempt them before moving on to the next Module.


Promotion of the Inner Wheel brandThe promotion of the Inner Wheel Brand in our local communities is also moving along. Sometimes, it is in the face of adversity that our creative juices start pumping and the best of ideas come to fruition. And so it was with the members of IWC Singapore. When faced with the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, they rose to the challenge of creating awareness of the Inner Wheel brand by coming up with the ingenious idea of having reusable masks bearing the Inner Wheel logo on them, made. So, with IWC East and Singapore Central, they banded together to have these antimicrobial coated masks custom-made. These beautifully made masks have since been distributed by the clubs to front-liners and essential workers in their local community.


IWC Miri Advertisement TemplateAt the request of the Inner Wheel Club of Miri, I had the pleasure of designing an advertisement template, to not only promote Inner Wheel but also attract prospective members to our Miri Club.

The proposed design and wordings of the Advertisement were later forwarded to NR Alice Lau for her review on compliance with the IIW branding guidelines. The advertisement was released to IWC Miri upon receipt of NR Alice’s approval, and it has since been uploaded on their social media. May we wish IWC Miri all the best in their promotional efforts.

Inner Wheel clubs in District 331 are welcome to use this template and to adapt it to their club’s promotional needs. For more details, kindly contact any of the DExco members.


The District 331 Website Sub-committee has been hard at work and is currently looking into re-vamping the Website which has not had a facelift since the formation of our District in 2012. With our Webmaster Cheng Yeok San’s assistance, we hope to unveil the “New Look” sometime in December 2020. But for now, it is still Work in Progress!


And in case you are, by now, wondering who these dedicated and hardworking ladies in my various Sub-committees are, it is my pleasure to introduce them:

D331 Training Sub-committee 2020-2021 D331 Rally Sub-committee 2020-2021D331 Branding Sub-committee 2020-2021

  1. The D331 Training Sub-Committee (clockwise from top right)
    1. Ext. Chairman, PNR Phyllis Fong (retired teacher)
    2. DC Dtn Gillian Lee (retired Audit Director and Trainer)
    3. DVC Prabha Rao (teacher); and
    4. PNR Rokiah Staun (retired Chief Information Officer, Information & Communication Technology)

  2. The 1st D331 Rally Sub-Committee (clockwise from top right)
    1. PNR Rokiah Staun
    2. DC Dtn Gillian Lee
    3. DISO Jane Lian Labang: and
    4. PDC Daisy Chong

  3. The D331 Inner Wheel Branding Sub-Committee – D331 Website (clockwise from top right)
    1. DVC Prabha Rao
    2. DC Dtn Gillian Lee
    3. IPDC Shirin Ghadiali
    4. DS Maria Hassanbhai
    5. PNR Phyllis Fong; and
    6. DEditor Janet Lim
    7. with the assistance of our ever helpful Webmaster Cheng Yeok San.

  4. The D331 Inner Wheel Branding Sub-Committee - Regional:
    1. DC Dtn Gillian Lee
    2. DS Maria Hassanbhai (Singapore)
    3. DISO Jane Lian Labang (Sarawak)
    4. PDC Daisy Chong (Sabah)

And finally, District 331 duties aside, I also had the pleasure of meeting my fellow District Chairman Shanti Menon of District 330 in late September 2020, when I had to make an overnight trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend to some urgent matters. With a few hours to spare that Monday evening, we made it a point to meet and to catch up. It has been 4 years since we last met, but even though we live an ocean apart, our Inner Wheel friendship has remained strong, and we quickly picked up from where we left off. We had a wonderful afternoon of sharing, and before we knew it, the afternoon had slipped into evening. Soon it was time to bid each other adieu, but not before exchanging some very lovely mementoes to remember our special meeting by.


Well, that is a summary of my first 4 months as your District Chairman. Hopefully, 2020-2021 will not only be about making changes to better the lives of others, but also one where we bring new experiences to our members and start a new Chapter for District 331… one of new journeys, new opportunities and new adventures. Till my next District Chairman message, please remember that when faced with challenges,


THE PESSIMIST will complain about the wind;
THE OPTIMIST will expect the wind to change; but
THE REALIST will adjust the Sails!

So, adjust your sails as you continue to Lead the Change, and don’t forget to take care and stay safe!

With Best Wishes and in Inner Wheel friendship,
Datin Gillian Lee
District Chairman 2020-2021


Diwali Celebration Message from District Executive Committee

13 Nov 2020. Happy Diwali. Best wishes from 2020-2021 IW D331 Exco members


Dear Inner Wheel members!


As the beauty of Diwali fill our hearts and homes with peace and happiness, let us celebrate this Festival of Lights in the true sense by lighting up the world of those less privileged than ourselves with joy and hope. Just as Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the victory of light over darkness, I have every confidence that you will rise to the many challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, and continue to not only serve the less fortunate with the goodness in your hearts, but also to give them that much needed spark to light their lives once more!


Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating this beautiful festival!

With love and best wishes,

DC Datin Gillian Lee


Welcome Message from District Chairman

Message from
District Chairman 2020-2021

Datin Gillian Lee, District 331 Chairman, Inner Wheel Year 2020-2021


Dear ladies of Inner Wheel District 331, welcome to a brand new Inner Wheel year!

The year 2020 started with great hopes and promises for many of us. However, the entire world was caught off-guard by the unprecedented health crisis, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, our lives and businesses across many sectors, were suddenly in disarray.

The coming months will bring many changes to our lives… the way we work, socialise, communicate and even travel. Almost every aspect of our lives will be a little different from what it was pre Covid-19 days. Changes may be inevitable and not always controllable, but what can be controlled is how we manage, react to and work through the change process. So, let us not be afraid to embrace change… be it changes to our lives and the way we do things, or even new innovations and digital technology. Do not only look to the past or present, or you will miss the future.

Although the initial panic that accompanied the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has abated to some extent, there are still many uncertainties as to what the future months will bring. As such, this is perhaps an opportune time for us to take a step back, take stock of where we are…as a District, and be the change that we want to see!  We will not embark on anything very ambitious for our District this coming year. Instead, your District Executive Committee will be looking at ways towards enhancing our knowledge on Inner Wheel and the visibility of Inner Wheel in our communities. The plan that we have in store for you this year includes:

  1.    Bringing our District’s Learning Programme your way. Our dedicated team of Training coordinators have been hard at work tweaking and developing the Inner Wheel training modules for your needs. We hope that you will all participate fully in this exciting Programme that will soon be made available to you, because without knowledge and without keeping ourselves abreast of new developments in Inner Wheel, we are at best like a boat on dry land… rooted to the spot with nowhere to go.

  2.    Promoting the Inner Wheel brand with the aim of increasing our membership. Ideas are currently being discussed at District level, and with innovative input from your end, I have no doubts that together, we can make an impact on the local community! Only when Inner Wheel becomes a household name and when friends and strangers happily want to be part of Inner Wheel…. can we then say that we have achieved our goal.

On that note, may I set a challenge for each club in District 331 to achieve at least a 10 percent nett growth in membership for this Inner Wheel year!

I hope that these small steps will be the first of many, as we come together to LEAD THE CHANGE for a better tomorrow and a District we can all be proud of!

Thank You. 💗


Yours in Inner Wheel friendship,
Gillian Lee
District Chairman 2020-2021

July 2020


Introducing Your 2020-2021 District Chairman, Datin Gillian Lee
by IPDC Shirin Ghadiali

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highlights on 1 July 2020

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